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Growing a garden can be a daunting task, even during the best weather. Winter gardening can be especially challenging, even if you are gardening indoors. With lower light levels and shorter days, flowers and herbs can wilt and die indoors if you are not careful. Growing an indoor veggie patch on your patio, or an herb farm in your window is a popular way of keeping your gardening skills fresh during the off season. Here are a few tips for indoor gardening over the winter months that the Auburn Landscaping Pros put together.

  1. Try to provide a lot of light for your plants all winter. It might seem obvious that, given the ideas of photosynthesis and all, that plants will need exposure to light, but it is one of the most important factors that can determine a plants abilities to grow. If you have recently planted some seedlings, you need to make sure they have plenty of access to light even though they are indoors and they are buried under the dirt. Choose a south facing window in your house to place your plants. These windows usually have plenty of light to grow a healthy plant. The larger window, the better. Many plants prefer to have at least fourteen hours of sun per day and this can be difficult during winter months, especially if you live up north where there is limited sunlight during winter months.
  2. Try to regulate the indoor temperature. Keep in mind that during winter months, your glass will still get very cold. If your plants are near the windows, the cold will affect the temperatures of your plants. If you have potted plants that usually stay outdoor in the warmer months, consider moving them indoors in the winter to help regulate their temperature. While small temperature variances are completely fine, many plants will suffer if their temperature is very far off from their optimum zone for prolonged periods of time. Heating a plant room in the winter is one of the easiest ways to regulate the temperature of your plants during cold months. While this may not be the most environmentally friendly method, it is the one that will be best for the overall health of your plant. Consider throwing and old sweatshirt or blanker over some of your tougher plants over night to keep them warm instead, if you do not want to bring your plants inside.
  3. The last tip is to choose you winter garden plants very carefully and thoroughly. With an abundance of resources, you can grow almost any plant in the winter, but not everyone have resources available to be able to do this. Some plant types are easier to take care of indoors, so consider growing one of these plants if it is your first time winter gardening indoors. You may also opt for a plant that thrives in small growing conditions. If you do not have a lot of space for your indoor garden. Growing an indoor garden during the cold months may seem daunting, but if you prepare yourself with the right resources, you will be able to up your growing game during the off season.