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Residential and Commercial Landscaping & Lawn Care Maintenance

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Residential Properties

Landscaping & Lawn Care is crucial to maximizing your homes top visual appearance and it’s value. We are here to assist you with any of your landscaping dreams, and bring them to life.

Commercial Properties

Managing your business lawn should not be your main concern, but it is ours! Here at Auburn Landscape Pros, it is our duty to make sure your commercial landscaping is up to par!

All Your Landscaping Needs

We love sports! So we manage sporting fields! Weather it’s for the school, public park, or private fields, we can take care of it. Don’t hesitate to give us a ring, no job is too big or too small.

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How Can We Help You?

Residential Lawn Maintenance

Taking care of your yard is something the people of Auburn Alabama have always cared about! We know what it takes and specializes in making sure your yard is in tip-top shape year-round. Whether you just need your grass cut, or need your whole outdoors tended to we can do the job. You decide how often you need it, every week, every 2 weeks, or even once a month. We take care of cutting the grass, weed eating, edging, weed removal & treatment, and finish up with a blower to clean things up. We take it to the extreme and consider ourselves perfectionists, you can count on us to maintain and control your yard & homes outdoors.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

One of the main services we specialize in is commercial property landscaping. We do a fantastic job of keeping your landscape in top-notch shape year-round. You tell us when you want us there and what you are wanting to be done, whether is just the basic mowing, edging, weed eating, and blowing, or a full yard, plant, and tree job, you can count on us to do a wonderful job on your home or business.

Sod & Irrigation Installation

Is your grass in bad shape? Auburn Landscaping Pros are here to save your yard! We provide expert sod and irrigation installation. We know the science behind what it takes to transplant and keep healthy grass. New grass can change so much about the appearance of your property. Come to us for top quality sod installation and services.

Fertilizer & Grass Treatment

Having green and is shape grass can change everything about your yard. We specialize in fertilizer and grass treatments keeping your grass in the best shape as possible. We make sure to take care of any weeds and prevent them from coming back in the future, so you can have beautiful healthy green grass!

Tree & Plant Care

Everybody has their dream backyard and it all starts with the landscape. We bring your wonderful dreams to life at your home or business. Count on us for any job big or small. We are experts with mulch, flower beds, plant & tree care, and maintenance so much more.

Sports Field Management

Yes! We love sports and consider ourselves absolute fanatics. Our team does a fantastic job making sure any field is taking care of the correct way. With precision mows and scheduled watering, we are the ones to go to for an amazing game-day experience. War Eagle!

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